Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MCLP, MCA & MLP - What does it mean?

The very first TGK blog was about certifications, but what do all of those letters (MLP, MCA, MCLP) really mean? Read on to find out why hiring certified technicians is important to your landscape:
Rigorous testing means greater understanding. Greater understanding means high quality results you'll appreciate.
Consider the following: MCA and MCLP certification exams are offered just twice a year, and this past year only about 30% of those who took the certification tests passed. That's quite a select group. What's more, those who become certified are required to earn yearly credits in order to maintain their certified status. Which means that before certified professionals take your property in hand, they must be thoroughly versed in the skills and knowledge of their profession.
Individuals who hold the Massachusetts Certified Arborist (MCA) or Massachusetts Certified Landscape Professional (MCLP) designation have been found to meet criteria of competence as established by the certification and examining committees of the MAA and MLP.
We believe superior service resides in the details. To master those details, certified professionals are rigorously tested before they are certified. They're required to demonstrate expert knowledge in many areas. Here are just a few:
  • Comprehensive plant and tree identification
  • Insect and disease diagnosis and management
  • The latest planting and transplanting practices
  • Advanced soil analysis and fertilization methods
  • Lawn restoration and tree preservation techniques
To maintain their certification, every year certified professionals must complete a detailed accounting of involvement in the industry including continuing education, training and professional contributions. Choose a certified professional to ensure the health and beauty of your trees and landscape.
Healthy, beautiful, and enduring - three important words for your trees and landscape. But achieving those qualities requires the special expertise offered by the professionals who are MCLP's and MCA's.
The trained eye of a certified arborist or landscape professional blends the physical realities of your property with your aesthetic needs to create a single expert vision. Then it responds to beautify your trees and landscape, and ensure that they flourish. And when they're thriving, they're valuable.
In fact, studies have shown that well-planned, harmonious landscaping provides an estimated 100% to 200% return on investment - higher than what you'd find with a kitchen or bathroom renovation. So why settle for less than certified care? You trust CPAs with your taxes because they're properly certified. You should expect the same from your tree and lawn care provider - a professional who is properly licensed, insured and equipped with expert knowledge.
Expect these credentials and much more from every certified arborist or landscape professional.
Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals (MLP)
The Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals (MLP), formerly ALCM, is the only non-profit professional trade association in Massachusetts specifically created to serve the landscape management industry. Its membership includes landscape management contractors, design/build installation contractors, lawn care professionals and other allied green industry professionals. For more than 30 years, MLP has elevated the professional standards and business success of its members through education, certification, advocacy and networking.

Massachusetts Certified Landscape Professional (MCLP)
Since 1963, the Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals (MLP) -- formerly ALCM -- have been helping consumers find the most qualified landscape professionals. In 1993, MLP launched its Massachusetts Certified Landscape Professionals (MCLP) program that now boasts more than 500 certified landscape professionals throughout the Commonwealth. MCLPs are tested on the latest horticultural techniques and maintain their certification through annual renewal and continuing education. Be sure to look for the MCLP seal of certification when choosing a landscape professional.

Massachusetts Certified Arborist (MCA)
The members of the Massachusetts Arborists Association have been providing superior tree care in the Bay State for more than 75 years. The MAA’s voluntary certification program includes more than 800 Massachusetts Certified Arborists (MCAs) who set the standard of excellence in professional tree care. Each of our certified arborists brings broad expertise to the care of your trees. And because our members maintain their certification through annual professional development, you know you’re getting state-of-the-art service. Be sure to look for the MCA seal of certification when choosing a tree care professional.

Information provided from Certified Tree & Lawn and Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals. Visit both websites for more information.

 At The GroundsKeeper, we are proud to have MCLPs and MCAs on staff, along with Certified Landscape Designers, Certified Snow Professionals, Certified Horticulturists, and certified pesticide applicators. Visit our website at for more information about our services, and check out photos of our latest projects on Facebook!

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