Monday, June 7, 2010

June Landscaping To-Dos

We are often asked about what to do in the yard during each summer month. Now that June is upon us, here are the things you should be focused on getting done!

  • Do an irrigation run-through and adjust the controller as needed
  • Keep an eye out for mildew, black spot, and insect damage on shrubs and trees. Treat any signs of disease early.
  • Round 2 of turf application
  • If you mow your own lawn, remember to raise your mowing height to 3.5" when the hot weather arrives to prevent burning as long as possible
  • Keep deadheading flowers for regrowth. Once a bloom dies, the plant will devote energy to seed production unless you remove the spent flower.
  • Plant hanging baskets, window boxes and containers to add color
  • Finish planting new trees and shrubs
  • It's too late to plant grass seed - wait until the fall
  • Cut back browned foliage of bulbs
  • If you start pruning any of your shrubs or trees, you'll have to prune at least 1 more time this summer. Wait until next month, if you can.
  • Water as necessary
  • Weed and fertilize annuals, perennials & rose beds
  • Keep up with the weeds!

We hope you are enjoying your summer! If you need any help with your yard or have any questions, let us know!

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