Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rejuvenating Your Existing Landscape

Not looking for a huge outdoor overhaul this year? Here are a few simple ideas to update your yard.

Overgrown Landscapes
Are your trees and shrubs becoming overgrown or in need of a little TLC? You’ll be surprised what a few hours of appropriate pruning can do to rejuvenate your existing landscape! Not only are you bringing your landscape back to proportion with your home, but you’re also increasing the health and vitality of the plant material with just a little extra attention.

Before and after a dormant pruning

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Add Interest and Functionality to Existing Areas
Sometimes function isn’t always attractive looking. By adding simple upgrades to key elements in your landscape, you can really transform specific areas! For instance, add a border around a playground, a cobble edge or apron to your driveway, or take your downspouts underground… you can increase the appearance outside your home and add to your home’s value at the same time!

A simple treatment to an existing play ground increases its appeal

Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin?
Often, a simple "right plant in the right place" consultation can help transform your landscape by implementing the correct plant material! This simple transition will add color, texture, and year round interest to any landscape without having to start from scratch.

Removing an unruly plant with a more appropriate ground cover
adds a cleaner appearance to the planting bed:

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